How to Add Widgets and Sticky Notes to the 3D Desktop

Aside from icons, BumpTop’s 3D desktop can also include sticky notes and other widgets. To add handy note reminders, right-click anywhere within the desktop and select Sticky Note on the circular menu. Then enter some text in the yellow note that appears, and click outside the notifier to save changes.

BumpTop has six other widget options. Right-click somewhere on the 3D desktop and select the Widgets option shown directly below. Then you can select to add photo frame, Send to printer, new email, Facebook, file sharing, and Twitter widgets to your desktop.


If you select the Add a Photo Frame option there, a Select the Photo Frame source window will open. To add a photo to the desktop, select the Local Directory or Image File radio button on that window. Then click the ellipsis button to choose an image to add, and press the OK button.

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