Want to run Android apps on Windows 11? You need 8GB RAM but must be inflicted with 16GB, says Microsoft

Yes, Windows 11 can run a bunch of Android apps from Amazon’s pile, but you might need better-than-budget hardware to experience it.

Windows 11 came with a fit of medium-level smallest hardware supplies, such as by smallest amount a 1GHz two-core CPU from AMD, Intel or Qualcomm, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of unfilled storage space and more. Many existing affair and consumer PCs didn’t get on to the graze pro Windows 11.
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Running Android apps on Windows 11 earnings even privileged hurdles. The Android figure, enabled by Windows 11’s Subsystem pro Android, was much-hyped, but didn’t get on to it to the early mainstream relief on October 5. However, Microsoft fixed with the intention of earlier this month with the Windows 11 mainstream relief of the Amazon Appstore with 1,000 games and apps (up from solely 50 originally).

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Microsoft’s initially relief clarification suggested an straightforward path to running Android apps on Windows 11: Solely install the Amazon Appstore Preview via the Microsoft Store and rancid you energy.

But currently, via WindowsLatest, comes Microsoft’s fine print in a extra support leaf pro running Android apps on Windows 11, which covers RAM, CPU models, and storage space type. Warning: It’s not pleasant conception pro persons on financial statement hardware.

You’ll need not solely Windows 11’s smallest 4GB RAM, but in fact 8GB to run Android apps on Windows 11. And that’s solely the smallest. Microsoft’s ‘recommended’ reminiscence complement is 16GB, importance even the Surface Laptop 4’s entry-level 8GB of RAM configuration solely scrapes through. Inside other terms, you could need to upgrade your RAM or point out a extra PC with the intention of exceeds the entry-level configuration.

Inside this justification of the Surface Laptop 4, which starts by $980 pro the Intel Core i5 version with 8GB RAM, you’d need to shell out $1,499 pro the 16GB configuration with the intention of Microsoft recommends pro running Android apps.

Don’t even think in this area using Android apps if you’ve bought lone of the Windows 11SE Chromebook competitors, such as Microsoft’s $250 Surface Laptop SE. It’s got an Intel Celeron N4020 or N4120 CPU, but Microsoft lists the smallest Intel CPU pro Android apps as an 8th-generation Intel Core i3 or higher than.

The same goes pro Dell Latitude 3120 and 3120 2-in-1 pro Education, which has a Celeron PC, and other recently announced Windows 11 SE laptops.

Other CPUs with the intention of come across the smallest requirement pro Android on Windows 11 are AMD’s Ryzen 3000 (minimum) or higher than, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8c (minimum) or higher than.

Also, don’t look to run Android apps on Windows 11 if you be inflicted with a PC with a cheaper tricky CD-ROM drive (HDD); you’ll need a solid-state drive (SSD), according to Microsoft.

Microsoft clarification with the intention of users will need to enable virtualization on Windows 11 to run Android apps.

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