Linux Mint is reverting Firefox to Mozilla config after partnership signed

Mozilla and Linux Mint be inflicted with signed a relationship with the intention of will think it over the Linux distribution dump its customisation of the mess browser, in favour of rolling made known the defaults chosen by Mozilla.

“In the earlier period Linux Mint used its own default settings and configured Firefox in a point way. Most of this configuration is abandoned to energy back to Mozilla defaults,” distribution initiator balmy Lefebvre wrote.

Among the exchange will be the default start leaf thumbs down longer pointing to a leaf controlled by Mint; search engines switching from Linux Mint search partners counting Yahoo and DuckDuckGo to Mozilla search partners counting Google, Amazon, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ebay; and patches from Mint upstream distributions Debian and Ubuntu being dropped.

The link linking Mozilla and Mint is money-making and technical, with hopes with the intention of Mint users will be able to bring up to date the browser from surrounded by Firefox, akin to how Windows users sort out, very than needing to aid the distribution’s package administrator.

“For Mozilla, the goal is to get on to Firefox bring about the same way across all platforms to stretch maintenance and simplify development and bug fixing. With these changes, Firefox will produce the same experience in Linux Mint as it does in other operating systems,” Lefebvre understood.

“For us, this exchange earnings a tremendous generality in stipulations of maintenance and development. We used to build Firefox ourselves using Ubuntu’s packaging (which is fit to be discontinued as Ubuntu is tender towards snap). We currently package the Mozilla version of Firefox as a replacement for.”

Lefebvre understood one changes to default settings made by users will stay, but persons relying on defaults would think it over changes. For occasion, users with the intention of wedged with the default search engine from Mint — lone of Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or Startpage — will think it over their default switched to Google, while users with the intention of manually added lone of the search engines will think it over it wait.

Similarly, despite Mint previously disabling telemetry, users will need to curve it rancid again.

“It’s on by default in Mozilla’s configuration but what’s furthermore on is a dialog requesting your assess,” Lefebvre understood responding to a comment.

“Review your settings in the lead transitioning. There’s single lone transition. Firefox asks you to look by them anyway.”

The transition is due to take place pro Mint 19.X, 20.X, and Linux Mint Debian Edition as Mozilla releases Firefox 96 due this week. Once the exchange happens, the single search engine in Firefox to generate revenue pro Mint will be Google. Inside other browsers, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Startpage will take up again to shell out Mint.

Lefebvre added Mint was considering “slightly nearer performance” with the changes.

Earlier this week, Mint 20.3 Una was released.

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