How to aid Siri to take photos with your iPhone

I’ve been looking pro a way to fire up the camera on my iPhone to take photos pro ages. If I say “Siri, take a photo,” Siri will activate the camera but it won’t in fact take a photo.

I still be inflicted with to press a button.

Inside 2022.

Surely there’s a better way?

Fortunately, there’s a way to add this functionality using the iOS figure Shortcuts.

Here’s how you sort out it:

Find and run the Shortcuts app
Click on Gallery
Search pro a shortcut called Say Cheese
Tap on the Say Cheese shortcut (if you aspire to make to order the shortcut — exchange the camera it uses to take a photo, or maybe exchange the phrase — tap the three dots) and tap Add Shortcut
Now, when you aspire to take a photo, say “Hey Siri, Say Cheese,” and Siri will take a photo pro you.

Note with the intention of the initially calculate this shortcut runs it will ask pro consent to save the photo to the gallery.

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