Clippy – Cross-device copy and paste between Android and Chrome (syncs clipboard text)

This clipboard sync tool with the same name as Office Assistant works pretty well across devices. However, Green Frog fails to sign in on Edge and succeeds on Chrome.

It’s easy to use, just sign in to the same account on different devices, and then it automatically starts syncing.

For higher versions of Android, due to privacy restrictions, you need to select the text and then choose to copy it using Copy to Clippy:.

Clippy – Copy and paste (sync clipboard text) between Android and Chrome across devices 1
On Chrome, you can just copy it and paste it on Android immediately.

Of course, there is no restriction that it has to be between Android and Chrome, but it can also be synced between multiple Chrome devices, or multiple Android devices.

Note, however, that Clippy’s free account is limited to 300 syncs a month, and more require a subscription.

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