The Real Reason LG’s Smartphone Brand Died Off

Once a major manufacturer of Android smartphones, LG disappointed fans as it announced it would exit the smartphone affair, effectual July 31, 2021. The publication followed months of speculation with the intention of LG was looking to advertise or pass on its smartphone division.

While many LG fans were shocked by the publication, the news did not occur as a bolt from the blue to industry watchers. Despite the detail with the intention of LG was renowned pro producing high-quality, innovative designs, the company had consistently struggled hostile to its better competitors, especially Apple and Samsung.

Inside addition, LG’s smartphone division had been bleeding money pro years. Inside detail, in the five years former to the publication, the affair had lost approximately $4.5 billion (via The Korea Herald), putting LG in an untenable spot.

With so much vacant pro it, many be inflicted with wondered: What went ill-treat with such a promising brand? Why was LG unable to advance major traction in the smartphone promote, despite seemingly having all the de rigueur ingredients?

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