The Steam Deck currently runs Windows

Valve shipped its $400 handheld gaming console, the Steam Deck, previous to all its promised facial appearance were equipped — but lone of the biggest is currently at this time. You can currently install Windows 10 on a Steam Deck and in fact expect it to bring about since Valve has solely released the all-important GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers you’ll need to download and mess about games.

Importantly, you’ll need to wipe a Steam Deck to sort out this, there’s thumbs down dual-boot yet, and Valve says you can single install Windows 10 since the Steam Deck’s current BIOS apparently doesn’t include firmware TPM support

Oh, and your speakers and earphone jack won’t bring about since there’s thumbs down audio drivers yet. Bluetooth or USB-C audio are both options pro currently.

You can discover Valve’s Windows on Deck leaf aptly at this time — and the Steam Deck Recovery Instructions aptly at this time in justification you screw up or run into lone of the Deck’s awkward bugs. “To make to the wader menu, power down. Then, while holding Volume Down, click the power button,” writes Valve.

I must annotation with the intention of the Steam Deck isn’t quite as buggy now as it was all through the assess process, and the updates aren’t appearance as fast and mad: With launch, Valve produced “stable” and “beta” relief channels you can access aptly from the Deck interface. I’ve still had approximately crashes and games with the intention of mysteriously stopped working the way they did days or weeks previous to (looking by you, Vampire Survivors), but I’ve furthermore played hours of Elden Ring and Into the Breach lacking issues.

I’ll be firing up Windows 10 on my own assess element soon, so stay tuned

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