How to Set Up Icon Piles and Grids

BumpTool has some handy desktop organization options. It enables you to set up icon piles and grids. Piling icons enables you to stack them according to type or time. The Grid option neatly organizes a selection of icons into a grid.

To pile some icons, select one icon to include. Then hold the Ctrl key to select multiple icons. When you’ve selected them, right-click one of the icons and select Pile by. Choose either the Pile by Type or Pile by Time options.

Then the selected icons will be piled as in the snapshot directly below. You can remove a pile by right-clicking it and selecting Break Pile. Or you can select a pile and press the Ctrl + B hotkey instead.

You can set up a grid much the same. Select multiple icons on the desktop with the Ctrl key. Then right-click a selected icon to choose the Grid option.

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