Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder Review

Are you in a dilemma to choose a new home or commercial espresso grinder? Then just select Baratza Vario W Burr Grinder. This espresso machine has both qualities like powerful and easy to use.

For having more information about this amazing vario grinder just go through with Baratza vario review.

Baratza vario espresso machine has a digital LCD window. This digital window is inbuilt in it by keeping the user functionality in mind. Digital LCD depicts the weight value to be grounded.

Baratza Vario Review

This espresso maker can be used for commercial use as well as for home use. Its quiet performance makes this machine a perfect choice for coffee lovers. Baratza Vario espresso machine has powerful DC motor which turns the blades slowly.

Its motor not just powers the machine additionally empowers the machine to deliver a quieter performance. Its DC motor helps this espresso maker to offer a quick extraction speed of around 17 seconds for a double shot.

Baratza Vario Espresso Machine

The grinder of Baratza vario 885 espresso machines is facilitated with device’s weight based control system. That weight based control system you to set the desired weight of your ground coffee.

You can adjust its weight more or less than the standard 0.2 grams as per your need. When its grinder reached its desired weight then shuts off automatically.

54 mm grinding burrs are equipped in vario coffee grinder. These grinding burrs are made up of ceramic. Ceramic grinding burrs are designed to keep the burr sharp for much longer than steel burrs. Its ceramic design helps the burr to prevent issues like friction and overheating.

Electronic dosing mechanism adds a mile stone in vario grinder. Due to implementing such mechanism, you can choose to grind only the coffee for each shot.

For serving you in a great manner, Baratza vario has a lever on its right side. This lever permits you to choose the type of grind. Besides this lever, there is another lever on its left side. This left hand side lever allows you to fine tune the grind within the range selected. This dual cam grinds adjustment is capable to deliver more than 230 different grind setting options.

Baratza designed its model having a grinder with its own top loading bean hopper. This bean hopper is capable of bean storing for long term purpose. You can fill 8 ounces of beans at a time in this hopper. Its bean hopper’s size makes this espresso maker a perfect choice for both home and commercial use. The beans remain fresh for a long time due to tight fitting lid of the hopper. When you noticed that the hopper needs to be cleaned. Then just simply remove it for cleanliness.


  • LCD display window
  • Ultra quiet performance
  • Electronic dosing mechanism
  • Dual cam grind adjustment features
  • Ease of use
  • Weight based control system
  • 54 mm ceramic grinding burrs
  • Top loading espresso bean hopper
  • Versatility
  • Offers exceptional cup quality


  • More consistent
  • More convenient
  • Multi-tasking
  • Offers quiet coffee grinding experience


  • Not the most durable
  • Little bit expensive