Best Osaki Massage Chair Reviews 2020

OSAKI has been manufacturing massage chairs in the market sphere for over 15 years. It has made its name popular within the worldwide list of massage chair manufacturers. This brand has again proven to be among the most well established distributors of electronics associated with therapeutic massages for relaxation and recovery of muscle injuries.

With manufacturing professional range of OSAKI massage chairs, it is little difficult for prospective buyers who are new in the world of massage chairs to pick the one which possibly suits them. Most commonly faced issue is, choosing between which Osaki massage chair that was introduced after combining many models together and manufacture an upgraded version, and introduced it in the market.

To make down your jobs easy regarding similar confusion that a keen buyer may face, we have made a guide with best points to consider and OSAKI massage chair reviews. The top 10 best OSAKI massage chair reviews of 2019 have been listed in this article. Therefore, without any further delay, let's get right into the reviews and explore.

This Osaki massage chair Pro EKON has been immensely loved by the staff at the titan Osaki Headquarters and for good reason. The EKON slides forward about 5 inches letting the chair to sit very close to your wall and start a thorough body scan to exactly chart your reflexology pressure points, length of your spine and shoulder width in order to create the most customizable massage possible with an L-Track 3D roller, the EKON is one best OSAKI massage chair with this capability.

The rollers in this OSAKI massage chair follow the curvature of the spine, roll around the gluts and then massage into the upper hamstrings with 3D rollers giving a very deep tissue and targeted massage.

The EKON also has foot rollers, kneading calf air massage, a comprehensive next-generation full body air compression system and Bluetooth. 

If you're looking for a very comprehensive OSAKI massage chair that is also beautiful to look at and delivers one of the best massages available today, the Pro-EKON is for you. The EKON is suitable for people up to 6'4" tall and 285 lbs.


  • 3D Massage + Foot Roller Massage
  • Bluetooth Connection for Speaker + Space Saving Design
  • 6 Unique Auto-programs & 6 Massage Styles
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • L Track Roller Design w/a Calf Roller & Kneading Massage


  • Has Bluetooth
  • Very stylish look
  • Best loved by staff at titan OSAKI headquarters.


  • High pricing
  • No warranty related information has been listed in this OSAKI massage chair.
Osaki OS Pro Ekon L Track Massage Chair


The scanning technology also detects the height of the user’s shoulders, which can be recalibrated once the scan is complete. If the user wants a higher or lower starting point, they will have 10 seconds after the scan is complete to adjust.

After having made its place after over 2 years, the Titan Osaki has introduced the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Massage Chair. The Maestro is one of the most advanced OSAKI massage chairs available today and one of the only 4D L-Track chairs to ever be introduced.

The rollers of the Maestro OSAKI massage chair are heated with a 3D point navigation system as well as 4D technology created to closely copy the speed variations like a live massage therapist would do.
4D OSAKI massage chairs provide the most comprehensive massage experience possible.

It’s such a unique chair the heated rollers will remind you of a spectacular hot stone massage. You will also enjoy a 52" L-track experience in which the rollers massage from the base of neck following the curvature of the spine till down and wrapping around the gluts.The Maestro also features both foot and calf rollers. 

The Osaki massage chair Pro Maestro is fully customizable and has 8 different 4D settings, 5 intensity and speed settings. You are really in for a treat with the new osaki os-4d pro maestro--this is their most life-like massage chair yet.

The newly engineered 4D roller system of this chair provide a deep 3D massage along with the speed variation of a live massage therapist.

In order to create this new experience, many of the massage therapists studied and Osaki's engineering team created a speed algorithm which they were able to add to the robotic arm of the Maestro.


  • The Maestro is designed to massage a deeper, wider area
  • Has rhythmic and conventional massage rollers
  • Osaki massage chair pro maestro allows for 8 different levels of adjustment for the 4D massages
  • Massages are adjustable with 8 4D adjustments, 5 Strength adjustments
  • 5 Intensity adjustments and 5-speed adjustments for the massage rollers
  • 4D L-Track Design
  • Heated Rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • Dual Foot Rollers
  • Calf Kneading


  • Various adjustable settings
  • Gives a great massaging experience
  • Best heater roller massage is given by this OSAKI massage chair


  • Does not have a head massage
  • No other major con rated.
Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Osaki's engineering team and thousands of massage therapists created a speed algorithm that they were able to add to the robotic arm of the osaki os-4d pro maestro. It massages a deeper, wider area more rhythmically.

You probably know about the concept of 2D and 3D, but Osaki takes it to the extreme by engineering the Osaki-JP. The reason for which JP premium keeps the name of the nation is basically due to its known massage techniques like 4D technology that gives unique features.

Such features make this chair different from competitors, which is why it comes with such an impressive price tag.

Key features of this chair include state-of-the-art computer body scan technology, 12 stages of strength adjustment which lets you customize your massage chair and backrest and foot areas can be heated for max relaxation.

Give yourself a full-body air massage utilizing the double sensors that pamper your shoulders in a way that other massage chairs don’t.

The double heater made with 41 types of kneading motions, has been termed as "Nirvana" in this OSAKI massage chair.

This OSAKI massage chair also features a stretch massage function controlled under a touch of a remote control device displaying program information.

For best result set it for the 30-minute VIP course over the 21 other types of programming and you can make a customize massage. This OSAKI massage chair is a package full of innovation and luxury.


  • Superior 4D Massage Technology
  • Computer Body Scan, 12 Stages of Strength Adjustment
  • Upper Shoulder Massage/Roller Extension, Full Body Air Massage
  • Heated Backrest & Feet
  • Double Sensors for Shoulder
  • Double Heater, 41 Types Kneading, Stretch Massage
  • Triple Mode Air System
  • 21 Types auto course, 30min VIP Course
  • Easy touch screen remote control
  • Automatic leg extension, auto recline
  • Highly advanced back massage system


  • Made to support users up to 6-feet, 4-inches tall
  • Easy to assemble
  • Likely to last 15-20 years
  • Great quality construction.


  • Not meant for users weighing over 250 pounds
  • Vigorous massage gets extreme for some users
  • The price tag is high.


The 2 ball roller head system of this chair can retract and extend to about 5 inches, which allows hitting that areas where most typical chairs can’t reach. There are airbags also available on the back of the calves for a more complete massage.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair is really amazing. It’s an engineer’s claim that Osaki massage chairs are designed with 3D massage technology it’s not just a fluke but a truth. Since, the inner workings have been indicated as NEX-generation by the known people.

It comes with reduced number of air bags but increased volume and surface area of massage, so every inch of this chair gives out perfect relief.

The reason behind this re-invented approach to OSAKI massage chair design is to manufacture this chair with more enhanced features.

The no. of valves that have been reduced for chairs frame stress makes this OS-3D Pro Cyber the most mechanically-sound OSAKI massage chairs in the market. 

This OSAKI massage chair Pro Cyber has 36 airbags, a full-size remote control, targeted massage features that separate specific areas of discomfort letting you enjoy heat and massage features while reading, watching TV or using the MP3 connection to provide the background music for a spa-like experience.

The automatic timer off after 15 minutes but you can reset it and return to your state of massaging experience.


  • Evolved 3D massage Technology
  • Computer Body Scan, 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Next Generation Air Massage Technology
  • 36 Air Bags, Arm Air Massage, Auto Recline and leg extension
  • LED Chromo-therapy Lighting
  • Automatic Timer
  • ACCU-point Technology
  • Dual Foot Roller Massage, Low Back Heat Therapy
  • Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze & Twist, MP3 Connection
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Auto Leg Scan, Arm & Hand Massage, Calf & Foot Massage


  • 3D evolved massage technology
  • 2-Stage zero gravity benefits are excellent
  • Recognized by reviewers
  • The most mechanically sound chair.


  • Can be hard to assemble
  • The price is little high
  • The 15-minute timer cut-off is not so good in this OSAKI massage chair.
Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber


There are 2 stages of zero gravity in Osaki os 3d pro cyber massage chair, being more server in pitch, relative to the seat base. When it reclined fully and when your legs ups higher than your heart level, the therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and may be felt immediately.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium is a Japanese chair with a (dual) 2-head roller system. This chair gives you a much deeper tissue massage than (quad) 4 roller-head system since the pressure will be distributed over a smaller area.

This chair has been designed with S-track massage system which means that the rollers will massage the neck, shoulders and back following the curvature of your spine.

It covers the base of your neck and goes down to the bottom of the spine. You will not get a glut massage with this OSAKI Massage chair.

Osaki Pro OS-4D Pro JP Premium has been designed using a KIWAMI MECHA technology that comes with 2 balls to give ideal and preferred custom-fit massage for various body types.

These are not L Track Massage. The OS-4D Pro JP model comes with a 3 year in home service warranty. The owner's manual has a toll free number, if you need service in the first 3 years.

They also offer an extended warranty for $239 which would give you an additional 2 years of in-home service coverage. You can contact Osaki for the first 3 years but after that and up until year 5 you would contact the toll free number for the extended warranty company.


  • 3 Air Options
  • Remote Control
  • KIWAMI MECHA 4D Kneading Ball System
  • 29 Different types of kneading techniques
  • Natural Fit Function, Adjustable Foot Sole Massage
  • 10 Preset Program, 3D Point Navigation System
  • Electric Reclining
  • Removable Back and Pillow Pad
  • Air Magic Massage (Shoulder, Arm, Waist, Seat, Foot & Calf)


  • Covered under warranty
  • Has the highest no of massaging programs
  • Designed with KIWAMI MECHA 4D kneading ball tech.


  • It does not feature a glut massage
  • No other major con rate.


44 airbags are strategically placed inside the chair to massage (glutes and upper thighs), arms, calves, outer shoulders, hips/waist, the sides of your feet and the soles of your feet. In OS-4D Pro you can independently adjust the strength of the airbags throughout three portions of the chair: 1) the upper body, 2) footrest and 3) the lower body.

OS7075RC Model OS-7075R Zero Gravity S-Track OSAKI massage chair, comes with infrared Body Scan Technology, Pelvis & Hip Massage, 6 Easy to Use Healthcare Auto Programs and Powerful 13 Motors System.

It lets you enter the world of relaxation on just a simple touch of button making you feel comfortable.

The zero gravity names have been given by NASA space program as a stress reducing position copying a floating feeling. We invite you to experience the innovative comfort of the innovative new OS-7075R.

When you are reclined in the zero gravity position, the entire weight of your back gets supported by the backrest which increases the intensity of the massage. This feature helps in to improve spinal decompression and improves your tensed spine.

Chairs 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. When it completely reclines you your legs are higher than your heart level, for incredible therapeutic effects.

The new model of this chair has better features including the foot massage area. Foot rolling massagers have been put under the bridge of the foot which circulates, complementing the air massage.


  • All New with Foot Rolling Massage
  • New Thai Body Stretching Massage
  • Infrared Body Scan Technology
  • Pelvis & Hip Massage, 6 Easy to Use Healthcare Auto Programs
  • Intelligent 4 Roller System, Extra Long Vertical Massage Range
  • Special Neck Massage, Arm Massage
  • Head Air Massage
  • Fatigue Relieving Air Massage
  • Adjustable Air Massage, Outer Shoulder Massage
  • Hand & Arm Massage, Intelligent Leg & Calf Massage
  • Computer Body Scan, Mild Heat TherapyPowerful 13 Motors System


  • New improved version with better features
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple airbagsEasy to use remote control.


  • This chair is made for big size people, has no adjustments to make for small size people
  • No other major con rated.
Osaki OS 7075 RC Model


Osaki OS 7075R has a bonus feature head massager. An airbag band is placed around the forehead in this chair and applies a gentle squeeze imitating palms of a hand pressing down.

The OS-7200H has been designed with brand’s signature computer body scan system plus a variety of targeted airbags and massage your head, legs, hips, shoulders, pelvis, calves, feet and even your hands if you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

It gives you an option to add or avoid the heat function. You can also make use of the auto mechanism to determine the amount of time you want to spend in your Osaki OS-7200H for attaining max comfort.

If you are not that fond of watching TV, your massage can be accompanied by your personal playlist since this chair is MP3 and iPod compatible and the built-in speakers keep CDs, books on tape or tunes for your amusement.

This is one chosen product by shoppers whose doctors prescribed a zero-gravity chair to speed recovery.

The Osaki OS-7200H massage recliner chairs removable head cover and surface clean up is easy people feel thankful for the thick upholstery and dynamic styling.

Massage treatments include anti-stress, muscle relief, muscle recovery, and wake up, Swedish massage, rolling, tapping, kneading and Shiatsu. 


  • Computer Body Scan, Arm Massage
  • Zero Gravity, Quad Roller Head Massage System
  • 51 Air Bag Massagers
  • MP3 & iPod Connection with Built-in Speakers
  • Hip and Pelvis Massage, Arm and Hand Massage
  • Outer Shoulder Massage
  • Auto Leg Scan, Remote Control
  • Chromo-therapy
  • Multi-Layer Pillow & Padding/Removable Head Cover
  • Calf and Foot Massage, Stretch Mode
  • Auto Timer, Heat Therapy


  • Authorized dealer-warranty
  • Pelvis & Waist Swaying Massage


  • No con rated
Osaki OS 7200H Massage Recliner Chair


51 Airbags are well placed in this chair to massage the vital areas such as the neck, shoulder, back, arms, hands, calves, feet, and the lumbar area. You may also play your favorite music from your device (MP3, iPod/iPhone) directly to the chair.

Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair designed with L-track massage, space saving recline technology, heat on lumbar, foot air massage, zero gravity positioning, 24 airbag massage is one of the bestselling series, providing innovative features.

Each and every massage chair in OSAKI 4000cs series has something unique to give. NASA, inspired zero gravity position is an excellent way to enjoy a massage.

It positions your spine in such a way that it reduces the vertical pressure. In the zero gravity position your weight is virtually supported by the backrest which also increases the intensity of the massage.

The Osaki OS-4000cs has 6 unique massage styles: Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading & Tapping and Kneading & Shiatsu.

If any specific area of your body need a massage, you can specifically target it or intensify your neck and shoulder experience by turning over the pillow to achieve a more focused massage in that area.

For people having trouble reading small print the chair controller display can be a challenge as the buttons that select settings are small, but otherwise, this chair is flawless being the company’s most popular item.


  • L-Track Massage
  • 3-Level Outer Shoulder Adjustment
  • Space Saving Recline Technology
  • Heat on Lumbar
  • Foot Air Massage
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Dual Action Massage
  • 6 Massage Techniques
  • 24 Airbag Massage
  • Spring Loaded Footrest Extension
  • Ergonomic Arm Massager
  • Hip Compression Massage
  • Computer Body Scan


  • Comes unassembled can be bought home easily
  • Advance massage chair
  • Features zero gravity.


  • Select settings are small in size.
Osaki OS 4000 CSA


On every side of the lower lumbar area, there are individual heating pads. Heating the body's temperature is known to enhance blood circulation and relax tense muscles. The heating pad is not intended to exceed above 30 minutes of usage a day.

Osaki OS-3D Pro massage chair has a large LCD display, 3D massage technology, 2 Stage zero gravity, 2nd generation S-Track, ACCU-point Technology, Computer Body Scan, MP3 Player Connection.

The OS-3D Pro chair comes with mood setting LED lights. The cool tone LED lights are hidden behind a metallic PLEXI-glass and is only visible when activated.

In a dark room setting, the LED lights in this chair help you to cast a cool blue color on the surrounding walls, which creates a relaxing atmosphere. The OS-pro dreamer is equipped with twin rollers to copy the feel of a massage given by human hands enhancing the massage experience.

NASA inspired zero gravity position feels like a relaxing and stress-free position on your body, it reduces pressure on your back and spine region. 5-30 minutes of usage can be programmed.


  • Large LCD Display
  • 3D Massage Technology
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
  • 2nd Generation S-Track
  • ACCU-point Technology
  • Computer Body Scan
  • MP3 Player Connection
  • Waist Airbag Squeeze
  • Auto Leg Scan
  • 6 Airbag Seat and Hip Massage
  • Power Recline foot roller
  • Shoulder Heating
  • Upper Shoulder Massage
  • Foot & Calf airbag Massage
  • 10 Auto Massage Programs
  • Width and Strength Adjustment
  • Unique Stretch Massage
  • Auto Timer
  • LED Chromo-therapy Lights
  • Auto Computer Leg Scan
  • Quad Roller Head Massage System


  • Multiple massages
  • Auto timer
  • Excellent air massage


  • If you buy without assembly, it will be a bit terrible.
Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer


The human body has around 350 acupoints, about 100 in back and neck alone. The OS-3D Pro Dreamer zero gravity massage chair has a variety of techniques to target the acupoints with accuracy from the gentle palm style Swedish massage to the deep tissue kneading Shiatsu style massage.

This Osaki massage chair designed with SL track roller. This chair also features a computer body scan technology, 2 Stage Zero Gravity Position, touch screen controller, Bluetooth connection for Speaker.

The Osaki os-pro maxim massage chair is also designed in such a way that it occupies less space as you can fully recline, while giving up just 4-inches of room behind the chair.

The L-Track Roller technology means extended massage in this rollers move from neck to lower back and gluts to the top of the hamstrings. As this chairs reach is excellent, the Pro-Maxim performs amazingly well in relieving pain.

Further, pre-programmed massages are easily managed by a tablet with a touch screen in this Osaki Pro Maxim. The airbags impact more body surface.

The chairs isolated massages are the ones that impress the owners of this massage chair as it targets distinct areas like: shoulder, arm, hand, hip, seat, leg and foot.


  • SL Track Roller Design
  • Computer Body Scan Technology
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity Position
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Bluetooth Connection for Speaker
  • 12 Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Dual Foot Roller System
  • Highly efficient Airbag Massaging System
  • Heated backrest and seat vibration massage
  • 5 Levels of Speed
  • Strength & Intensity
  • Auto Timer 5-30 min Options
  • Hip Air Massage
  • LED Chromo therapy Lighting
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Manual Mode
  • Multi Language Menu


  • Touch screen tablet can be used to control all functions
  • Bluetooth technology and smart phone access
  • The adjustable ottoman is a rare in massage chair.


  • If you want more than 22 airbags, this chair is not for you
  • You may find the user manual hard to read.
Osaki Pro Maxim


The airbags of the Osaki Pro Maxim have been upgraded. Now it consumed less power, and the chair runs more smoothly with the reduction of valves and air-pumps. Industrial grade material has been used in this chair. Osaki Pro Maxim gives a more tranquil massage experience.

The Osaki OS-4000T massage chair is a full function massage chair that automatically reads the natural curvature of the spine and adjusts the massage to fit on you. The zero gravity position elevates the legs above the heart and more equally distributes the user’s weight.

The Osaki OS-4000t massage chair also features hip air massage, seat vibration massage, neck and shoulder air massage, air and vibration arm massage, and heat therapy for your back lumbar area.

Choosing your massage is easy with the 6 unique auto programs: Healthcare, therapy, circulation, relax, smart, and demo, all with one touch of a button.

Massage combinations are endless with 6 of the most desirable techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo.

11-The 5 speeds and intensity settings let you comp have a complete late control of your massage for max relaxation.

There is also automatic massage settings for the upper body (shoulder, neck, back and lumbar) and the lower body (buttock, thigh, calves and feet).

You can adjust the massage for the upper body manually making use of these three options: full body, partial and fixed. You can choose any of six massage styles - rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo.


  • Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • 6 Unique Auto Programs: Healthcare, Therapy, Circulation, Relax, Smart, and Demo
  • 6 Massage Techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo
  • Complete Massage for Upper Body (Shoulders, Neck, Back and lumbar) and the Lower Body (Buttocks, Thighs, Calves and Feet)


  • Zero Gravity technology
  • Body Scan technology
  • 46 Multi-layered Air Bags massage
  • Covered under three years warranty
  • The easy-to-use Remote Control with LCD display
  • Rollers for improved massage for the bottom of the feet.


  • Not suitable for people having broad shoulders.
Osaki OS 4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair


The Osaki OS-4000t has quad-style massage rollers. This particular roller designed to mimic the motions and feel of human hands. With these rollers, your massage experience feels extremely realistic.

Osaki massage chair OS- 4000 features a computerized body scans. This zero gravity design comes with a unique Foot roller, next generation air massage technology, arm air massagers, auto recline and leg extension, wireless controller.

Osaki OS-4000T has re-engineered and has developed the next generation of air massage technology, streamlining the air massager to a lower count.

By doing innovative engineering, it has reduced the total number of air bags but has raised the volume and surface area of massage. With this the total number of working valves has drastically reduced from older model.

It puts less stress on the chair, making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs available in the market.

It will elevate your legs at times in the chair putting legs straight adjusting the leg massage component. Then move myself more into a slightly inverted position. This chair gives the best ever shoulder massages by any other machine.


  • Design Upgraded
  • Computer Body Scan
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Unique Foot roller
  • Next Generation Air Massage Technology
  • Arm Air Massagers
  • Auto Recline and Leg Extension
  • Wireless Controller
  • Calf & Foot Massage
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Auto Leg Scan
  • S-Track Movable Intelligent Massage Robot
  • Six Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity
  • Calf rest can be lifted and stretched
  • Auto timer 5-30 options
  • Hip air massage
  • Vibration seat massage
  • Shoulder Air Massage
  • PCB Motors


  • Features zero gravity
  • Fully advanced
  • Has a timer
  • Multiple programs and speed settings.


  • No option available for music.
Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Massage Chair


This chair is designed with the latest technology. It allows rollers to measure the back curvature of the body with even more accuracy, which transforms into a more accurate message, hitting all the key areas of the body. This extremely advanced chair will self-adjust making each massage experience feel tailored according to your body type.

The most lovable feature about the Osaki OS4000TD massage chair is that the seat can deliver both vibrations and squeezing moves as a form of massage to users for max comfort.

Osaki OS4000TD has total of 6 automatic massage settings alongside six manual massage motions so that users get a wide range of massaging options to choose from or even custom fit massage.

For a custom fit massage experience the intensity, as well as the speed of each manually created massage program can be altered and selected from a total of 5 different variations.

This advanced zero-gravity feature improves the ability of the massage chair to relief any chronic back pains that the user might be suffering from using the decompressing nerves within the Vertebrae and promoting blood flow.

The full body scan feature makes sure that each user is analyzed well so that the massage motions can be set to focus core massage points within the body.

S-track massaging rollers effectively focus the number of acupuncture points located within the massage chair. The one aspect which can be a turndown for few is the Osaki OS4000TD massage chair is little bulky and cumbersome therefore, it requires more than one person to move the massage chair around from one place to another.


  • Design Upgraded
  • Computer Body Scan
  • Zero Gravity Design
  • Unique Foot roller
  • Next Generation Air Massage Technology
  • Arm Air Massagers
  • Auto Recline and Leg Extension
  • Wireless Controller
  • Calf & Foot Massage
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Auto Leg Scan
  • S-Track Movable Intelligent Massage Robot
  • Six Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • 5 Levels of Speed & Intensity
  • Calf Rest can be Lifted and Stretched
  • Auto Timer 5-30 Options
  • Hip air massage
  • Vibration Seat Massage
  • Shoulder Air Massage
  • PCB Motors


  • Upgraded version with better features
  • Multiple massaging programs.


  • Little bulky need more than one person to lift this machine.
Osaki OS4000TD Zero Gravity Massage Chair


The quad-style massage rollers in the backrest of the OS-4000T follow the natural S-curve of the human spine to equally target the shoulders, neck, mid and lower back with the same massage pressure. The S-Track Robot, however, provides a uniform, hand-like massage on your neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar region.

NASA given technology zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort.

When reclined into the zero gravity position, the entire weight of your back is supported by the backrest which increases the intensity of the massage.

This also removes the vertical stress on the spine. There are 2 stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. When legs are at or above heart level, it promotes better blood circulation.

A full body scanning system of this chair accommodates tall as well as short users as per their heights. This chair is an aggregate total of 8 different massage programs and speed intensities can be customized as per each user's wishes.

The durability of the chair is enhanced via advanced PU covering in the form of upholstery therefore, making the massage chair easy to clean.

Two separate stages of zero-gravity deliver users an excellent experience via gradual recline they are placed in a balanced position copying that of astronauts.

The one drawback of the Osaki OS4000A massage chair, among other Osaki massage chair models is the chair itself is impossible to carry or move around without additional help due to an extremely bulky weight.


  • Computer Body Scan System
  • True Ergonomic S-Track
  • Upgraded PU covering for Increase Durability and Comfort
  • Six unique Pre-Set Programs
  • Easy-to-use Large LCD Display Remote with Wireless Remote
  • 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning
  • Auto Leg Scan, Seat Vibration, Intensity Control, Manual Mode
  • Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder Air Pressure Massage
  • Hips and Lumbar Squeeze
  • Auto Timer Setting from 5-30 minutes Massage Session
  • 5 Levels of Speed and Intensity for the Massage
    Seat Vibration Massage
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • 8 Pre-Set Programs.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • True ergonomic S-track
  • Full body massage chair.


  • Heavy enough to be lifted alone.
Osaki OS4000A Zero Gravity


This chair has a contemporary outlook that makes it the most favorite feature of the massage chair. Your massaging experience as per each user’s body-type will be great. An automatic body scanner is also among the core features of this massage chair.

The S-track rollers are further embedded within the back seat of the massage chair so that they can nicely contour to the individual shape of the Vertebrae of each user.

Apart from the body-scanner users can manually and automatically both adjust the calf’s length, and the foot length for a good massage experience.

It also let you manually adjust the intensity of massage being given around the neck area; users can choose and attach the additional neck pillow provided with the OSAKI massager.

The absence of rollers within the foot-rest of the OSAKI OS-4000 Massage Chair is one drawback this massage chair has.


  • Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S-Track
  • Upgraded PU covering for Increase Durability and Comfort
  • Easy-to-use Large LCD Display Remote with Wireless Remote
  • 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning inspired by NASA
  • Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder Air Pressure Massage
  • Hips and Lumbar Squeeze; Auto Timer Setting from 5-30 minutes Massage Session
  • 5 Levels of Speed and Intensity for the Massage
  • Seat Vibration Massage, Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Auto Leg Scan, Seat Vibration, Intensity Control
  • Six unique Pre-Set Programs
  • Manual Mode, 8 Pre-Set Programs.


  • Fully automatic chair
  • Wireless and easy to use remote
  • Gives both manual and automatic custom fit massages.


  • Chair is heavy
  • Does not give a good foot massage experience.
OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair


There are 2 heating pads in this chair, one on each side in the lower lumbar area. For a relaxed and stressless massage, heat therapy is a great feature to roller and airbag massage.

Buying Guide for Massage Chair Osaki

There are multiple OSAKI zero gravity recliner massage chair brands available in the market we have mentioned some of the best ones above in this article. All the above mentioned OSAKI massage chairs are recommended to buyers in their budget friendly price.

These chairs manufactured under the above mentioned brands are reliable extremely durable. Each and every version of these chairs has maximum full body massage features in a very reasonable budget. Some of the above mentioned OSAKI massage chairs are also counted in the top ten lists.

There are multiple therapy electronic instruments that are manufactured for carrying out a therapy massage just like a massage given by hands. But there is no comparison to OSAKI zero gravity massages chairs. The OSAKI massage chair constructed has a wide range of highly advanced massage motions.

It’s well understood that the whole job of exploring massage chairs and choosing the best one out of so many OSAKI massage chair model in the market is a tough job to do. The result which you get using an OSAKI massage chair is relaxation and recovery of stiff muscles.

The OSAKI massage chairs are ideal for people looking to maintain their physical well being as it consists of multiple number of reclining options and also highly specialized options to choose from. Each and every OSAKI massage chair mentioned above will excellently let you achieve optimal comfort and relaxation. It also gives you an option to customize and create a variety of massage programs manually.

If you are new shopper in the market sphere and have made up your mind to purchase an OSAKI massage chair, we suggest you to go through the OSAKI massage chair buying guide highlighting what should you look in for before buying an OSAKI massage chair.

Price range

First thing which you should consider in a product is the price range, how much does an OSAKI massage chair cost, and how much are you willing to spend on purchasing an OSAKI massage chair.

It is the most important part while choosing between the available options. If you have enough money you opt for massage chairs which are more luxurious.


The outlook of the OSAKI massage chairs that you are willing to buy also holds importance and should be considered by keen buyer before buying your best zero gravity massage chair. When you go out to buy something new, it’s better to think nicely before reaching a decision.

Size and available space for OSAKI massage chair

Osaki massage chairs are in quite big size. So you need to make sure you have enough space to keep your best OSAKI massage chair. Another considerate factor which you need to keep in mind is the versions of OSAKI massage chairs will need at least 3” or more of clearance space from the wall in some of best OSAKI massage chair models.

The seating space of Osaki massage chairs

The OSAKI massage chairs seating space differs depending upon the frame of the chair and their different sizes. Most of the zero gravity chairs are built to accommodate users both short and tall.

Second important thing which you need to consider is you should always make sure that your best OSAKI massage chair will fit you. Some massage chairs are not comfortable for short people and some don’t fit tall users.

Variety of massages offered by your OSAKI massage chair

The OSAKI massage chairs offer various types of massages than the normal massage chairs. Some users prefer all the massages, while others only prefer few. Below are some techniques you’re most likely to find in your best OSAKI massage chair.

Kneading – This technique is the compression of soft tissues against one another or against underlying bones. This technique cure pain, treat tight muscles, and increases flexibility.
Tapping – Tapping is one such massage technique that helps to stimulate your muscles. It gives pounding and striking actions like a professional giving manually. This technique promotes blood circulation and increases the local temperature and tissue elasticity.
Rolling – Rolling is a massage technique that means the lifting and rolling of the skin. In massage chairs, this technique is given with the help of rollers. Rolling is used for treating muscular tension, loosens the skin, and gives a relaxing effect.
Shiatsu – This is one of the very effective massaging technique, shiatsu is normally applied with the hands, palms, and thumbs on some stress points. It relaxes your muscles and gives relief from pain. The shiatsu Osaki massage chair zero gravity is designed using the rollers and the airbags.

Extra special techniques

The techniques vary in each OSAKI massage chairs, but some of the popular massages given by each have been mentioned above in the detailed description. Each of these techniques comes with its own advantages.

These massaging techniques in OSAKI massage chair can be the best ones for you, and if you have not used OSAKI massage chairs before, you can simply choose the model offering more techniques. This way, you'll find one you like.

You might also want to choose a model that has features that impress you, such as yoga, muscle stretch, or spinal relief.


OSAKI massage chairs have been in the market from a quite long time. Some of its models that were discontinued have been launched with more upgraded features.

As far as OSAKI massage chairs are concerned, you should not come to a conclusion concerning the quality of chair which model is better than another based on the brand alone. You should check thoroughly its flaws and best points online and checking other customer reviews.

Mainly you should really look out for is the brand’s customer support. You should consider a manufacturer giving warranty and cover the repair expenses which might save your money.


Budget plays a very important role while choosing your best OSAKI massage chair. Budget should be decided before hand you start looking for an OSAKI massage chair.

Osaki chairs have different price range depending upon its quality and no. of services provided by it. So, this saves you from looking at expensive models if you can’t afford them.

Osaki Massage chairs price is decided by chair’s quality and capability. Chairs with several massage techniques and extra features as well as striking designs are more costly.

Make sure the Osaki massage chair that you bring home should be worth its price when buying a more costly unit. It should be more durable, more comfortable, and they offer more effective massaging techniques.

Warranty covered under Osaki massage chair

some of the OSAKI massage chairs give warranties. The smallest warranty period is 1 year, the longest 5. Manufacturers guarantee the support, cost of the reparation of the parts and of frame integrity.

You should go for a company who keep up with their words on warranty policies. As some manufacturers don’t, you can usually find this information in the product review section along with many complains.

Power of massage given

The power of the massage in OSAKI massage chair is one such factor that totally depends on you, how much intensity massage you want to enjoy. Some prefer light massages and some prefer hard massages.

There is no exact way of deciding which models produce more power than the other. You can choose between a rough and light massage. Some people might complain that massage was rough, while others say that the massage was too soft for them.

To increase the chances of finding a model efficient of producing exactly the type of massage you want, look for a model which let you adjust intensity.

Massage Rollers

The highly advance zero gravity massage chairs have rollers to provide a nice efficient and comfortable massage. It has Rollers that copy the movement of the human hand.

They will slide up and down toward the right and the left of your back, producing a soothing and comfortable massage. They action really making you feel relaxed and it improves your back blood circulation.

Auto settings in Osaki massage chairs

If you feel any specific massage mode is perfect for you and you have set intensity that you feel is the most comfortable for you, and you wanting the same in future. Same program each time can get really frustrating so look for models that can save your customized massage programs.

Compare between the S-track Vs L-track in OSAKI massage chair

The massage rollers in OSAKI massage chairs are connected back to back. As you know that the shape of the spine is somewhat like a letter 'S,' the S-track has been made to repeat this curve of spine giving massage along with it.

The L track, on the other hand, is longer than the S-track and it gives an extended massage down to your gluts forming an 'L' shape curve.

We hope the above mentioned buying guide on best OSAKI massage chair help you in the best way to decide your best Osaki massage chair.

We hope the above mentioned buying guide on best OSAKI massage chair help you in the best way to decide your best Osaki massage chair.

About OSAKI Brand

If you are hearing about this brand for the first time and just starting your journey in selecting the best OSAKI massage chairs, it’s important to know that the Osaki brand is known for quality of workmanship. The brand keeps up with the latest technological innovation and excellent customer service in OSAKI massage chairs.

What makes the Osaki massage chair different from the crowd? Its unique body scanning technology, myriad massage options, multiple automatic programming features that target specific areas of the body, and an overall experience that can best be compared to an hour on a massage table.

The best part of Osaki massage chair is its price point and the addition of new features as fast as engineers combine to produce OSAKI massage chairs with impressive warranties on structural items competitors don't cover, like frames. Further, you don’t want a chair made by a company fully dedicated to your mental and physical health.

Features and Benefits of an Osaki massage chair

1. Lower down stress, tension, and anxiety

Massage therapy removes stress symptoms. Massage therapists are aware of this with experience. OSAKI massage chair reduces stress significantly on physical and psychological levels. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure for example, all goes down after a 10 to 15 minute chair massage in controlled studies.

2. Relax your sore muscles

The human body is like a machine. When you over use it your body beyond what is healthy for your muscles it becomes stiff and sore. These are signals to the body designed to keep you in check.  Listen to your body and take a break.

An Osaki massage chair is an excellent way to relax in your home. It will help loose up sore and tired muscles, and release tension in your body, especially with a Shiatsu mode.

After a long and hard day at work, it for sure taking good massage on a massage chair is worth it.

3. Improves blood flow

The 2 very important components of the OSAKI massage chair that assist in the improved blood circulation. The first is the mechanized massage that one gets from a massage chair.

Such technique includes kneading, rolling, tapping, gripping, and Shiatsu. In all these techniques, the rollers of massage chairs move and vibrate key points of the body thus improving the blood flow.

There are endless benefits from boosting your blood circulation. These include:

  • Speeding up recovery from injuries and ailments
  • Removing toxins from the body
  • Stimulation of endorphins that help the body cope with pain and stress

The second most important feature is the Zero Gravity feature in premium massage chairs. In such a position, your blood reaches the various parts of the body and improves circulation throughout the body.

4. It improves your immune system

A 45-minute massage ENHANCES the number of lymphocytes in the body? Lymphocytes mean the white blood cells that help defend the body against diseases. They are responsible for maintaining body’s immune system.

When body’s lymphocytes increase in number it is better able to resist sicknesses. As you know that common cold, fever, or flu as per experts can be given an end by just one massage.

5. Mobilize lymphatic circulation

The lymphatic system in everyone’s body is as important as the body’s blood flow. It is the lymphatic network that keeps our body fluids maintained and defends the body against infections.

The lymphatic system works like a body’s sewer system as it collects the body’s waste by-products. While blood has the heart to pump it all along the body, the lymphatic system has no such "pump" to force its movement.

It is only able to move around the body when you breathe and contract muscles. Thus, when you live a motionless lifestyle, lymph fluid tends to collect in the body causing inflammation.

The massages of massage chair and recline position let the lymph move properly throughout the body fighting inflammation and disease.

6. Alleviate pain and headaches

OSAKI Massage chairs are known for removing all sorts of pain including headaches, common body aches, and chronic neck/shoulder/back pain and so on. Massage therapy increases serotonin by an average of 28%.

Serotonin is one of the body's anti-pain mechanisms. By lowering CORTISOL and increasing serotonin, the body manages pain in a better way.

While most, if not all massage chairs have the ability to ease regular pain, specialized massage chairs are designed to do so. Pain improves through a variety of massage programs and body heating action.

Pain sufferers have shown that massage chairs either reduced chronic pain or remove it completely. This is a HUGE deal for an ageing population that is effected with chronic pain.

Massage chairs offer a cheaper alternative to expensive physical therapies and gadgets. For people who have been suffering from pain for a long time, a perfect massage chair benefits.

7. Decompress and improve spine alignment

This particular health benefit can be removed from OSAKI massage chairs that recline or that have Zero Gravity. Some high end massage chairs also have massage programs that are designed to align the spine.

8. Improve posture

Osaki massage chair improve the overall posture and balance is another one of our favorite massage chair benefits. A good massage chair can improve misalignments of the spine, and neck and shoulder muscles. That’s why they are well used by actors and sports stars.

9. Generate more flexibility

Osaki Massage chair increases flexibility. Massage chairs can help fight decreased flexibility caused by a trigger point.

A trigger point is a painful that is reached in your body from overexertion and strenuous exercise that leads to sore muscles and a restricted range of motion. Have you ever played sports or lifted weights so hard that you literally can’t raise your arms after?

People suffering from all such pains and spasm areas experience relief and restoration from regular massage therapy. Tense muscles and 'knots' get loosened with time.

10. Regulate high blood pressure

The feeling of total relaxation and well-being maintains blood pressure down. Similar to the effects of finishing a good run or a yoga workout, your blood pressure lowers and your heart rate slows.

We can understand on about how the body reacts to lower blood pressure, but the best proof really is to get on a massage chair and experience the "total relaxation" experience.

11. Improve sleep quality

Massage therapy removes fatigue and improves sleep across the board. This includes men and women, the young and the old and even sick people like those suffering from cancer, heart disease, or psychiatric disorders.

Massage chairs also improve sleep quality and improves delta waves. Delta waves are brain waves connected to deep sleep.

12. Keep depression at bay

Depression has become a very common problem in today’s modern times. The good news is that keeping depression far is also one benefit amongst our massage chair.

Massage therapy has long been discovered to improve all the happy hormones which include serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. A good investment in a massage chair is like getting a never-ending supply of this happy hormone.

Maintaining the OSAKI massage chair brand name within the leading brands inside the world of massage chairs, Osaki massage chair models should be the chosen purchase by prospective buyers.

This was all about the features of OSAKI massage chairs, next we move on to telling you about the working of OSAKI massage chairs and its intensities.

Working of Osaki massage chairs

The best Osaki massage chairs are engineered using motors, gears, vibrating mechanisms, and rollers to provide the best massage. Principles used in Osaki massage chairs are same like those used in the first models.

The technology currently used is Osaki massage chair is easier. Since none of the OSAKI massage chair models are same, manufacturers don’t use the same designs, but same technologies applied to most models.

The new models of best OSAKI massage chairs are different from one another. It uses multiple vibrating surfaces to massage your back and legs.

And to create the necessary vibration, the manufacturers make use of small devices containing a weighted gear or wheel. The weight is not nicely centered on the gear or wheel, so it’s slightly unbalanced. As the motor moves the gear the rotation process creates vibration.

Every vibrating surface makes use at least one gear to produce the vibration, sometimes even more. The manufacturers have to be careful to balance the best OSAKI massage chair, otherwise, they risk producing an uncomfortable sensation, somewhat like an earthquake.

If you are willing to spend on best OSAKI massage chairs, you try to get a chair that has rollers. The rollers copy human hands, and they’re powered by electric motors. They move in patterns which are determined by the chair’s structural frame.

Some rollers have a limited range of motion, and they will only be able to move up and down your back. Other rollers are mounted on a mechanical arm, and they have a wider range of motion.

They can move right or left, and they might even be able to rotate, depending on the model. A microprocessor, stores all the recorded patterns the mechanical arm can make, and you can choose the preprogrammed movement you want it to perform.

Intensity level of the massages in best Osaki Massage Chairs

Apart from vibrations and rollers, best OSAKI massage chairs now a day’s come with different massage levels to perform. The chairs come with different intensity level and the manufacturers producing massage chairs give you an option to change.

You can select an intensity level as per your will to use it. Nowadays, the best OSAKI massage chairs come with recliners, so the manufacturers have to design chairs in a way to perform in multiple positions. 

This can be attained in two ways. They either install a motorized reclining system that will change the chair’s position with a simple push of the button, or they can install a lever that will allow the user to change the position by pulling the lever and pushing against the backrest with their hand.

Drawbacks of overusing an OSAKI massage chair

You should not make use of an OSAKI massage chair for too long. Unlike other things, when it comes to massages and relaxing therapies people think more is better. Having lengthy massages can be really unsafe.

Another question that pops up is that for how long you should massage. As per the experts, a normal massage session should not last for more than 15 minutes. All the benefits of the OSAKI massage chair can be achieved in this period.

Even if you think that a long massage can give relief from pain that’s not at all true. A massage session lasting more than 15 minutes can cause bruises in your muscles, especially if you’ve just started using the OSAKI massage chair. This can cause swelling and damage to other tissues as well.

Most OSAKI massage chairs use an automatic timer to make sure your massage session doesn’t exceed the recommended 15 minutes. Some of them use preprogrammed functions which will stop after this time.

If your Osaki massage chair gives you a long massage session, make use of a timer or an alarm to stop it. This is especially important if you’re in a reclined position because you can otherwise fall asleep during your massage session.

When your done have a 15-minute massage session, we suggest you to get up and move around the room for few minutes. Any light physical activity is ok. The physical activity will reduce the toxins of your body made during the massage.

Experts also recommend drinking lots of water after the massage, as this promotes the toxin removal process.

FAQs about OSAKI massage chairs

Osaki FAQ: How Many Airbags Does the Osaki OS-4000 Have?

There are 48 airbags, not 32 or 25. This has directly been mentioned by Osaki directly. The older version of the OS-4000 OSAKI massage chair has only 32 airbags, but the new updated version has 48 airbags. So the new Osaki OS-4000 sold from the factory will have 48

airbags. Another unique thing about OSAKI is that it has two different names for the Osaki OS-4000, one being the Executive and the other the Deluxe. So, if you want to know if there is any difference between the Osaki OS-4000 Executive and Deluxe models.

There is absolutely no difference. They are the same thing, and a lot of online companies clearly have them named differently for marketing purposes.

What is more important? The body's appearance or function

Both are equally important at the same time.

Perfect place to put your best OSAKI massage chair

You think the correct place to put your OSAKI massage chair should be in front of the TV or desktop. You need not worry. In fact people who buy an OSAKI massage chair place it in front of their TV or computer, but that does not mean this is the correct approach.

As per the experts, it’s better to place the OSAKI massage chair in a room you don’t have access to TV or media streaming, such as a bedroom or an office. Making use of an OSAKI massage chair without watching a TV will give you the chance to get in touch with your inner self.

Some massage of the best OSAKI massage chairs even have special features that can help you enjoy the massage more, such as LED lights. The lights change their color during the massage session and light up your room. This can be an excellent experience. Whether you plan on putting the OSAKI massage chair in front of the TV, or you want to place it in your bedroom, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Reclining OSAKI massage chairs need clearance

You need to take into account the clearance the massage chair needs before you place it somewhere. Without the necessary clearance, the best OSAKI massage chairs won’t be able to recline. This is true for all models, including those with zero gravity features.

Best OSAKI massage chairs need their separate power outlet

OSAKI massage chairs are large power consumers, so they need their own power outlet. If you intend to use an extension cord, make sure you use a heavy duty one.

The OSAKI Massage chair should not be placed in direct sunlight

Placing an OSAKI massage chair in the sun might seem nice, but massage chairs shouldn’t be placed directly under the sunlight. Excess exposure to sunlight might cause the upholstery to become bad and crack.

Warranty covered by Osaki

This is a non transferable warranty. It is provided by Osaki Massage Chairs manufacturers. The manufacturers of OSAKI massage chair guarantee that your qualified product will be changed or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first THREE(3) years of ownership, but it excludes specific limitations contained.

What it covers

  • This warranty explicitly covers all parts, labor and framework of the chair.
  • This warranty includes parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost to the customer.
  • This warranty includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer.
  • Structural framework on selected products carries an additional (1) year of warranty for a total three years.

What it does not cover

  • The OSAKI warranty does not include any shipping expenses that in occur.
  • This warranty does not include normal damages including Velcro or zipper malfunction, or tears in any fabric covering.
  • The warranty will not work apply if the product has been damaged physically, whether intentionally or due accident or neglect: including stains, fluids, mold, water damage, animal damage, cuts, burns or is otherwise unsanitary, damaged or soiled.

Implied Warranty and Other Damages:

  • The implied warranties only will limit till one year duration of this limited warranty, and with regard to structural framework, its limited till the duration of 3 year portion of this limited warranty.
  • Purchasing an Osaki massage chair, you agree that Osaki massage chairs will not be liable for any items damaged and/or lost while en route to the specified address. Any claims for such loss or damage must be addressed and resolved with the designated carrier.
  • In any case Osaki massage chairs, will be liable for incidental or consequential damages, even if such damages are claimed on account of breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or strict/product liability, including without limitation, damage to property (other than the product) or other economic losses.

How to obtain warranty service:

  1. You must have a proof of purchase for any warranty claim.
  2. You must have a return authority number in order to ship products to a service center.
  3. You should obtain service advice or an RMA number by contacting the Osaki massage chair customer service department toll-free no.
  4. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.


Osaki is one of the top brands when you talk about the massage chairs and it is one of the leading manufacturing and dealer for manufacturing OSAKI massage chairs. However, the flaws of this brand are often reflected in the quality that it offers. As well as the the price range of Osaki massage chairs can be too steep for many. Another good version of OSAKI massage chair which we have not mentioned in this article is OSAKI os-7200h pinnacle massage chair you can add down to your list.

That is why we think, massage chairs like the LURACO or even KAHUNA compared to the costlier ones can provide an equally better service and features like Osaki models. Some OSAKI models are good, such as 4000 model. You also get an option to make a white glove delivery option for any of Osaki's chairs if you buy online. So, we suggest you to be aware of different brands and their services before you invest in one and take delivery. We hope the above mentioned OSAKI massage chair reviews help you in the best way.